Lola and Uzo are the perfect couple, their newly married life before them, all is well until the happiest day of their lives becomes the worst. This leads the couple on a journey of self discovery.It is a contemporary story about forgiveness, our core values and our faith. A story that proves that love conquers all. The film won the Best Script film in ZIFF 2012.Lorena dreams of a stranger ataca.Ella believed to be a premonition. Because of this strikes a stranger and thinks he has matado.Lorena spirals into madness and creates a macabre plan to desacerse the supposed corpse where nothing goes as planned it. The Best Foreign Short Film at ZIFF 2012.Wealthy man who is confined to a wheel chair prepares his will. The will does not go down well with the wife who will stop at nothing to thwart it. Greed, conspiracy, and hatred will lead to the unearthing of an incidence nobody knew happened many decades before that will finally open up a new angle to the whole dilemma. Yemi Blaq won the Best Actor at the ZIFF 2012. The story of a woman who thinks she can have her cake and eat it. The more she schemes, the more she’s caught in her webs of lies. When the center could no longer hold, she decides to play her joker and that changes calculation of things for her and victims of her game. The Best Indigenous Language Film ZIFF 2012. Benin Kingdom 1752 AD : Famed for her unrivalled beauty, Adesuwa, the betrothed of the king of Benin, Oba Akengbuda is abducted by the newly installed vassal chief of Ubulu-Uku (Obi Olise) who on his visit to Benin to pay homage to the king, calls at Uzebu, palace of the Ezomo, sire of Princess Adesuwa. Arrested by her uncommon beauty and like the epic tragedy of Troy, Olise plots to get the fair princess to his harem. Best Film on Culture ZIFF 2012.Based on a documentary film about two young individual who strives vigorously despite challenges the economy and their immediate environment is imposing on them. Won the Best Documentary at ZIFF 2012.Ma'ami (Mama mi (My Mother)) an interesting account of a poor and very hard-working single parent who had struggled to raise her only child, Kashimawo. The son eventually, ascended to international stardom with an English football club, Arsenal, and became a national hero. Ma'ami won the Best Cinematography Award at the ZIFF 2012.

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The ZUMA International Film Festival Organizing Committee invites entries of films for competition for the 7th edition of the biennial Zuma Film Festival scheduled to hold from 4th - 8th May, 2014 in Abuja, Nigeria. The 2014 edition with the theme; Nationalism and Patriotism focuses on the centenary celebrations of the country and the film medium as connecting cords that bind and unite Nigeria and humanity in the common pursuit of global peace, progress and development. Significantly, it celebrates the role that the Nigerian film industry has played in uniting the country through building bridges across different cultures in the country. It will also celebrate film as a vehicle for transformation and patriotism amongst the diverse socio- cultural groups in Nigeria.

The 7th edition of Zuma International Film Festival has the following categories of entries and awards:

1. Best Director  2. Best Cinematography  3. Best Script  4. Best Actor  5. Best Actress  6. Best Documentary  7. Best Indigenous Language Film  8. Best Foreign Short Film   9. Best Nigerian Short Film  10. Best Animation Film  11. Best Student Film
Please, note that all films/ videos submissions is open for entries for films produced within the eligibility period set by the Technical Committee. Features and Documentary films/ video produced between April 2, 2012 and February 27, 2014 are eligible for entry. Also only persons whose names are on the credit title of the film/ video are eligible for awards.

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The Festival started in 1992 as National Film Festival at the National Art Theatre, Iganmu, Lagos with the 2nd edition at the same venue in 2003.

The 3rd edition in 2006 however witnessed a marked departure as the festival was rebranded Zuma Film Festival in line with global best practice and held consistently as a biennial event in 2008, 2010 and 2012 respectively at Nicon Luxury Hotel, Abuja.

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Address: 218T Liberty Dam Boulevard, Jos, Plateau State
Telephone: +234 8037000270
Others:+234 8037024476