L-R Dr. Maduekwe, Chief Eddy Ugomah, Mr. Raph Nwadike, Iyen AgbonifoDr. Maduekwe presenting the Logo of the rebranded ZUMA film festivalDr. Maduekwe presenting the Logo of the rebranded ZUMA film festivalDr. Maduekwe presenting the Logo of the rebranded ZUMA film festivalDr. Maduekwe presenting the Logo of the rebranded ZUMA film festivalDr. Maduekwe presenting the Logo of the rebranded ZUMA film festivalDr. Maduekwe presenting the Logo of the rebranded ZUMA film festival

Welcome to Zuma International Film Festival 2017


Distinguished Nigerians, home and in the diaspora, and indeed our resilient and ingenious motion picture stakeholders, it is my great pleasure to address you on our decision to re-launch one of our key intervention programmes and Nigeria’s foremost platform for the celebration of motion picture….ZUMA FILM FESTIVAL (ZUFF).
The last edition and the 7th in the series of ZUMA film festival was in 2014, with the theme Nationalism and Patriotism. The focus was to draw global attention, with a view for investment inflow, to our collective efforts of harnessing and shoring up the place of Nigeria in the world of motion picture production. The 2014 edition also coincided with Nigeria’s centenary celebrations and the bouquet was on the film medium as a connecting cord that unifies Nigeria.
This year (2017), we are mounting a re-branded ZUMA FILM FESTIVAL designed to explore the economic and audiovisual potentials of Africa’s largest motion picture industry. Its thrust is to give impetus to its steady growth pattern and increasing profile as well as align it to the vast and expansive opportunities available in the global audiovisual market. The festival has, and will continue to serve as a platform for Nigerian film practitioners to network with their counterparts from other parts of the world and thus stimulate co-production and financing opportunities. The recognition and reward of cinematic excellence; promotion of audiovisual services, cultural products and the huge export potentials of Nigerian films as well as heralding Nigeria’s tourism potentials as a film destination hub remain the overriding essence of ZUMA film festival.
Distinguished Stakeholders, in summation, the objectives of the ZUMA Film Festival (ZUFF) include, but not limited to the following;
  a. Promote the Nigerian Film Industry as a viable investment option to the Nigerian and International business communities and attract private sector investors;
  b. Enhance the growth/development and sustainability of the industry as a means of job creation;
  c. Create international and local markets for Nigerian films;
  d. Attract foreign investment to the Nigerian film industry;
  e. Celebrate the spirit of enterprise and resilience of the Nigerian film industry;
  f. Present the Nigerian Film Industry as an alternative source of wealth creation;
  g. To support job creators.
The motion picture industry today has become a net contributor not only to Nigeria’s economy, but to those of other African and European countries whose citizens have embraced Nigerian movies as a source of entertainment. In doing so, there has been enormous pressure on Nigeria’s motion picture industry to deliver both in content, volume and quality. We cannot as a nation renage on this huge opportunity to further coast home financial and other benefits there off. All past editions of the film festival had endeavoured to remain focused on the strategic key objectives of ZUMA.
For instance, in 2010, with the theme, Global Images, Global Voices, the 5thedition of ZUMA Film Festival focused on bridging the gap between developed film cultures. In that edition, Hollywood, the European Union, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, E-U Babylon and several other foreign participants, joined our Nigerian counterparts at the film festival.
In 2012, the 6th edition of the festival with the themeThe Human Story; Connecting People sought to reinforce the amazing intricacies of film as a potent tool that binds humanity in their creative activity and the diversity, and the cementing of their complimentary ethos, history, culture and tradition.
I am happy to announce to you that our journey through mounting past editions of the film festival has been that of great success. The festival, first conceptualised as a biennial event, has recorded remarkable and giant strides, with a consistent growth pattern and increased participation, robustly attesting to its status as Nigeria’s foremost film festival.
It is on the strength of these, and in our quest to sustain the gains of past editions of the festival, as well as emplace a platform for a galvanised motion picture industry for Nigeria that we decided to hold this year’s edition of the festival.
On this note, I will like to express, on behalf of the NFC and the entire practitioners and stakeholders of the Nigerian motion picture industry, our gratitude and appreciation of the administration of President Mohammadu Buhari (GCFR), who is equally the Grand Patron of ZUMA Film Festival for the support the film sector has been receiving. Indeed, the film sector, which has contributed over 1.4% to the nation’s GDP, is being galvanised with a renewed impetus to not only up its contribution to the nation’s economy, but to increase its potency as a tool for peace, unity and progress of the nation.
Going forward, our overriding vision is to create an economic receptacle for the creatives deployed in the making of the movie industry. We have set our focus on increasing the annual estimated value of the industry from $590million to one billion dollar in the short to medium terms. And thereby increase the employment generating potency of the industry by more than 40 percent from the currently estimated one million employed labour.
Consequently, in rebranding ZUMA Film Festival, beginning with this edition, which is the 8th in the series, we have decided to make Nigerian motion picture practitioners and stakeholders, fully participate and “own the festival”. Our strategy and focus is to ensure that full benefits are derived from, at and after each edition of the festival.
We have therefore designed and established strategic partnerships and collaborations with key and relevant agencies of government and private individuals and organisations, as well as concentric circles of Planning Committees. The objective is to tap into the dynamism in our rich diversity by creating zonal, regional, central and inter governmental agency committees to anchor our joint efforts. We intend to intensely mobilise the entire Nigerian motion picture sector to be part of this great festival, a signpost of Nigeria’s global reflection.
Consequently, in rebranding ZUMA Film Festival, beginning with this edition, which is the 8th in the series, we have decided to make Nigerian motion picture practitioners and stakeholders, fully participate and “own the festival”. Our strategy and focus is to ensure that full benefits are derived from, at and after each edition of the festival.
Equally, we have and are going to increase our bouquet for the film festival and align it with what is trending in the world of motion picture production. New impetus is being injected into the festival which is being positioned as a national and international brand for Nigeria.
Distinguished members of the vibrant Nigerian media, and motion picture practitioners, I have the pleasure to present to you, as well as sign off, the commencement of all activities leading to a successful festival.
The festival has been rebranded – ZUMA FILM FESTIVAL (ZUFF), and the theme of the 2017 edition is “Feast on Films” . Feast on Films is a derivation from the inexplicable film production explosion of Nigeria. Indeed, the number of movies, though much, is still a scratch of the surface. There are abundant stories yet to be told. Abundant scenes in Nigeria’s landscape, yet untapped. Enormous skills and competencies, unutilised, and many more. The festival is billed to hold in Abuja, the nation’s capital from December 1-5, with rich components of robust film master classes, workshops, NFC annual film lecture, film market and exhibition, opening and closing ceremonies, with red carpet and awards night capping the entire event.
At every film festival, aside the razzmatazz, participants and global attention is at the awards within the various categories. Being conscious of this, and in our quest to deliver to Nigerians, and our African, American, Asian and European film makers, investors and other stakeholders, I am pleased to announce and present to you Hyginus Ekwuazi (PhD) a renowned film scholar and critic, communication expert with vast experience in film production as Head of Jury of ZUMA FILM FESTIVAL, 2017. He will lead a team of carefully selected members whose responsibilities include final selection of award winners of ZUMA Film Festival 2017.
Ladies and gentlemen, entry for ZUMA Film Festival 2017, will open on July 3rd 2017 and close on September 31st, 2017. Interested participants, film makers, investors, students/scholars, exhibitors and distributors, production and film equipment companies, journalists and the media may pick up entry forms at our zonal offices in Abuja, Kano and Lagos. Also entry forms can be picked from other designated centres across the country. Equally, entry forms can be downloaded from the festival and NFC websites;
or email:
Finally, I want to thank the Federal Government of Nigeria, and especially the Honourable Minister of Information & Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed for the support extended to the NFC towards the successful hosting of ZUMA film festival 2017.
And to our proudly Nigerian motion picture practitioners, domestic and in the diaspora, I say, let’s do it again Bigger, Better & Grandiose.
In summary, below are a couple of updates for your kind attention.
  1. The festival will now hold from the 1st to 5th December 2017 the theme is Feast on Films.
  2. Opening ceremony which will include a red carpet, screening of opening film and cocktail will hold at Silverbird Cinema, Abuja on the 1st of December.
  3. Workshops, master classes and NFC annual lecture will hold at Silvebird 2nd to 5th Dec.
  4. Proposals for collaborations with sister agencies are ongoing to enhance and enrich components of ZUMA 2017 Film Festival.
  5. Film market and exhibition will be at the Atrium i.e ground floor of the Silvebird Entertainment Centre, Abuja.
  6. Closing ceremony, red carpet and Awards Night will hold at the International Conference Centre on the 5th.
  7. There are plans to boost the festival so Abuja and its environs can feel the impact of ZUMA Film Festival. In that regard more people will have the opportunity to watch several films. Consequently, commencing from the 1st to the 3rd December there will be outdoor screenings at Jabi Lake Park, Old Parade ground and select venues in Kubwa, Nyanya and Lugbe. Music shows will precede the screenings while regular screenings will also hold at Silverbird cinemas.
  8. Chairman of the Jury is Prof. Hyginus EkwuazI, a consummate film scholar, award recipient and film critic.
  9. We have set up committees in the various geo-political zones of the country zones. Zonal Coordinators have been appointed and they are as follows; South West- Mr. Tunde Kelani, South East- Mrs. Patience Ozokwo, North West Alhaji Abdullahi Maikano, North Central - Mr. Edward Fom, South South Mr. Richard Mofe Damijo, North East Mallam Al -Amin Ciroma.


Thank you.

Dr. Chidia Maduekwe Managing Director/Chief Executive (Nigerian Film Corporation) & Chairman, Central Organising Committee (ZUFF, 2017)

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